a-low-back-pain-chiropractic-doctor-mi-residents-can-trustAre you looking for a low back pain chiropractic doctor MI residents already know and trust? Then you’ve come to the right place! But before we explain how Balanced Living Chiropractic has been helping Rochester Hills, MI residents to correct sciatica and other lower back problems, let’s take a look at the importance of avoiding back pain triggers.


Low Back Pain Triggers You Need to Avoid

Whether you are currently seeking care for your low back pain or not, you need to stop harmful practices that could be contributing to your pain. Here are some triggers for lower back pain that you may be able to avoid with a few lifestyle adjustments:


Nicotine constricts the blood vessels and makes it harder for the spongy discs between the vertebrae to get the material they need in order to stay healthy. As a result, you can end up with problems like a bulging disc or discs that become worn down until arthritis sets in.


It can be tough to get up and move around when your back hurts, but a sedentary lifestyle will increase joint pain. It can also lead to weight gain, which is another factor when it comes to lower back pain. While you need to consult a physician to determine how much exercise is wise, daily activity is a must in most cases of low back pain.


As we just mentioned, weight is a factor when it comes to low back pain, especially if you are carrying it in your belly. Obesity can both lead to more pain as well as a sedentary lifestyle that creates a cycle where pain thrives. Rather than turning to extreme diets, healthy eating and daily exercise are the best ways to overcome obesity and keep the weight off.


Stress is stored in the neck and shoulders, and since spine health flows from the top down, this can lead to lower back problems as well. While smoking and other negative ways that people cope with stress can actually add to the pain, there are plenty of stress management techniques that are also good for your spine such as exercise, stretching, meditation, and more.

Poor posture

Your parents and teachers knew what they were talking about when they would repeatedly say to stand up straight. The same goes for when you are sitting, especially if you work in an office and spend most of the day seated.

Of course, there are other triggers that may have nothing to do with your lifestyle, but that can still contribute to back pain. Here are a few examples:


Chronic pain can be a symptom of depression, but that doesn’t mean the pain is all in your head. First of all, pain is processed in the mind, so if your central nervous system is not operating optimally, pain levels can become increased. Second, chronic depression often leads to problems with sleep, and abnormal sleep is also associated with less pain tolerance.  


During pregnancy, the balance of weight in the body is shifted. This can pull the spine into positions it is not normally in. The sciatic nerve is one place where irritation often occurs, and this can send shooting pain down one leg. However, the nerve begins in the lower back, and this is usually where the nerve compression is occurring, regardless of which side or where along the nerve the pain is felt.


Car accidents, sports injuries, and other trauma can lead to back injuries, Spinal misalignments in the neck that frequently occur when a person suffers whiplash or a concussion can also contribute to back pain as changes take place throughout the spine to keep the head balanced.

Nerve Compression

Any time nerve compression takes place, the results can be pain as well as tingling and numbness. It is particularly common for this to occur with the sciatic nerve because it is the largest nerve in the body. The roots stem from the lower part of the spinal cord and the nerve branches down both legs. The location of the symptoms is determined by the location and degree of the irritation.


Finding Natural Relief from Low Back Pain in Michigan

Regardless of what is contributing to your lower back pain, you may find it interesting to know that many lower back pain issues begin in the neck. This is because spine health flows from the top down. The atlas (top bone in the neck) balances the head. When a misalignment occurs, changes take place along the spine to keep the head on straight. If the greatest changes occur in the lower back, it can lead to pain, sciatica and other health problems.

At Balanced Living Chiropractic, we go after low back pain at its source, which is often the top of the neck. Gentle atlas adjustments allow the rest of the spine and the surrounding soft tissue to return to a neutral position. This, in turn, frequently provides relief for patients. To learn more about what upper cervical chiropractic care can do for your lower back pain, call us today at (248)652-7225, or you can request an appointment online.

We look forward to helping you relieve the source of your lower back pain problem. Come see first hand why Dr. Cicala is the low back pain chiropractic doctor MI residents trust for natural relief.


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