say-good-night-to-your-back-pain-the-natural-wayBack pain is a cause for concern and it has become a disability for many people worldwide. It is listed among the highest reasons for missed work days. Many people are seeking a Rochester Hills upper cervical chiropractor due to back pain. If you are a person who suffers a lot from back pain, let us help you. 

Backache will not stop or quit, even when you sleep. Sometimes, it gets worse when you wake up. Hence, it puts a person into a vicious cycle of not getting enough sleep. However, the body needs rest in order to heal and recharge. 

How Should I Sleep to Get Rid of Back Pain?

Studies have shown that one of the best positions is sleeping on your back. Here is how you can do it.

Be sure to put a pillow or foam wedge beneath your knees. This position allows your back to relax. Take note that without the pillow, sleeping on your back can give pressure on the  discs of your lower back and also compress the natural curve of the spine.

If you suffer from stenosis or an anteriorly rotated pelvis, sleeping on your back  will give you a lot of relief. In addition, also remember the importance of pillow height for your head. The pillow must be fairly flat. It should provide just enough cushions to keep the natural curve at the back of the neck. The wrong pillow may cause neck and shoulder pain, and even headaches. Try using a half-moon pillow or a little rolled up towel beneath your neck to achieve great results.


Why Do I Feel Back Pain? Where Does it Come From?

Back pain can have a very simple explanation. It can be a result of lifting something too heavy, a sports injury, a slip and fall, or even bad posture.  Some back pains are chronic and more difficult to locate.  

Back pain varies widely ranging from a dull ache to sharp, shooting pain. Some pain goes away with movement, and others get worse when you take any kind of action. As a result, back pain can be a very complex issue to tackle. It is as complex as the spinal column, which is composed of the joints, vertebra, ligaments, and muscles. 

Here are the most common causes of back pain:

  • Spinal arthritis 

Osteoarthritis can affect many joints of the spinal column. This makes the cartilage that lines the joints to wear out.  As a result, this leads to pain and diminished range of motion.

  • Ligament sprain or muscle strain

You can strain your muscle when you have an abrupt or awkward movement. In addition, muscle overuse or repetitive injury can cause you to “pull” a muscle in your spine, leading to irritation or damage to your various spinal ligaments.

  • Spinal stenosis

When the central canal where the spinal cord passes through contracts, this can cause discomfort and pain that can spread down the legs and into the feet, depending on where the problem originates.

  • Rupture or disc bulge

The discs that are in between each vertebra offer cushion for the bones to absorb shock in every body movement.  The discs can degenerate or weak for a number of reasons, including lack of proper movement and smoking.  This can cause the inner nucleus of the disc to move forward through the outer layers and put pressure on the nerve roots of the spinal cord.  This can cause extreme pain.

  • Osteoporosis and osteopenia

As you age, without the proper nutrition and enough exercise, your bones can become more porous and brittle.  Thus, it can increase your odds of back pain as well as the danger of compression fracture.


Better Sleep for People with Back Pain

Having a good quality sleep and the ability to wake up feeling fully rested and recharged are crucial when it comes to healing from back pain.  The way you sleep can be one of the main reasons why you aren’t feeling better. 

Here are some essential tips that will hopefully help you to return to a life that is free of chronic back pain:

  • Buy a good mattress

This will be a good start. If you’ve had your bed for about 5-7 years and you are waking up with a sore lower back, or a stiff neck, then it might be time for a positive change.  Get rid of your old and worn out mattress. When shopping for a new mattress, take your time and test out some options.  Select a mattress that is firm or medium-firm to give your back the necessary support.  While soft, fluffy mattresses might feel comfortable at first, they do not give your spine the proper support it needs through a full night’s sleep.

  • Use a pillow for better support

If you fall asleep on your back, use a small pillow roll underneath your knees – this will help relieve stress on your lower back.  If you’re a side-sleeper, putting a pillow between your knees can prevent too much torque and tension on your hips and lower back.

  • Create a bedtime routine

Get into the habit of winding down before sleeping as it can help you rest and sleep better with less pain. Try and take a warm bath before bed. This can prime your body for sleep. Thus, you can relax your sore and aching muscles as well.  Limit your intake of caffeine and alcohol in the evenings. Also, avoid eating a hefty meal before bedtime. Keep your bedroom cool and comfortable. Doing a good routine before sleeping helps you wake up better. 

  • Avoid stomach sleeping 

Sleeping on your stomach  is a difficult position to maintain neutral spine alignment.  You will turn your neck to one side for long hours when you sleep on your stomach. If possible, just shift to sleeping on your back or side instead. Doing so, will take care of your back and neck better. 

  • Choose the right pillow for you

For back-sleepers, they need a fairly thin pillow that supports the natural curve in the neck without forcing the head too far forward. For side-sleepers, they need a small extra pillow height to fill the gap between their shoulder and neck. This guarantees that the neck has full support in a neutral position.


Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care for Natural Back Pain Relief

Regardless of where or why your back pain persists, upper cervical chiropractic care can help you understand the underlying cause and reasons behind the problem.  Get the help of a Rochester Hills upper cervical chiropractor as soon as possible.

Upper cervical chiropractic is a unique branch of chiropractic care that focuses on the alignment of the uppermost vertebra in the neck – the atlas (C1).  The reasons this area is a top priority to the overall health of the spine are:

  1. The atlas (C1) supports the weight of the head and permits its freedom of movement.  Because it moves so freely, it is also particularly vulnerable to misalignment. Its misalignment can lead to pain and problems anywhere between the neck and back.
  2. The atlas (C1) also protects the brainstem. This is a critical component of the body’s central nervous system.  If signals from the brain are incorrect due to an atlas misalignment, the body suffers from pain and loss of function.

By examining and gently correcting the atlas, an upper cervical chiropractor can correct the cause of many back pain issues at the root source, rather than chase around mysterious symptoms.  This can yield favorable results that are more than just temporary.  To learn more about how we approach care, schedule a free consultation with our office through our phone number 248-831-0729 or our web form.



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