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Sciatica is a very painful condition that causes those suffering to seek out answers to alleviate it as soon as possible. While medication may give some temporary relief, it is important to find out what is causing the pain. By addressing the underlying cause, sciatica pain can be dealt with successfully. This requires seeking the care of a professional who has seen positive results in helping other patients.


Upper Cervical Chiropractors Can Help Sciatica Patients

Making an appointment to see an upper cervical chiropractor is a great place to start. This is because we have been specially trained to detect tiny misalignments that may be causing sciatica pain. Often the problem lies at the base of the skull creating issues all along the spinal column.

Upon examination, if it is discovered that one actually has a misalignment, we use a gentle method that allows the bones to move back into place naturally. It does not require any popping or cracking of the spine and we only give an adjustment when necessary. Another way to find some natural relief is by employing some stretching exercises at home.


Stretching the Kinks Out of Sciatica

It is always important to check with one’s doctor before beginning any exercise routine so as not to incur further damage. If these are not optimal, we can suggest others. Also, never force your body, but rather use a gentle stretch. These exercises should be done once a day, repeated 3 times, and held for 30 seconds.

  • While lying flat, put the sore leg over the knee of the opposite leg and place the foot flat on the floor. Pull the bent knee toward the head with the hands.
  • While lying flat, bend the knees and cross the sore leg over the other leg at the knee. Place the hands or a towel behind the good knee. Pull toward the shoulder until a gentle stretch is felt.
  • While lying flat, keep the legs straight. Put a hand on the knee of the sore leg and pull toward the chest. Grab the ankle with the opposite hand, and leading with the ankle, bring it toward the other shoulder.


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